Performer Frequently Asked Questions


When will I get paid?
Payment usually arrives 4 weeks after the event. Be sure to file all paperwork immediately following event. If we do not receive your paperwork within 2 weeks of the event, checks may be delayed.
Checks cannot be issued without paperwork.
Forms we need are:
o TMO independent contractor Agreement
o IRS W-9 Form completed with signature
o Job Sheet for each event
o Possibly client specific paperwork pertaining to the character played

Where does my check go?
The address stated on the IRS W-9 form is where your check is sent. If you move or change address please send us an updated W-9 form so that we may change you information for future mailings

Its been more than 4 weeks where's my check?
We encourage everyone to check with our office to insure we've received your paperwork. Missing job sheets are the #1 reason for late checks. Occasionally, there are delays in mailing checks for other reasons. For instance, if our clients are very late in paying, it may delay paying talent (unfortunately). We make every effort to pay within a reasonable timeframe.

What Tax Paperwork will I receive?
Per IRS law, if you are paid $600 or more in a year by TMO, we must issue a 1099-MISC form at the end of that year. Tax laws require you declare this as income on your taxes and you will be responsible for tax payments as such. TMO by law must mail a copy of that 1099 form to the IRS at the end of the year.

Do you offer full-time employment?
Presently we have a limited full-time staff managing our office and client needs. We occasionally supply full-time mascots for traveling tours. These opportunities are emailed to all mascots in our database who meet the requirements of the tour. Currently we do not offer any full-time employment with TMO.

What am I required to bring to an event?
Clean clothes to change into and out of... you'll sweat so prepare as if going to the gym. Bandannas or sweatbands are recommended. *We suggest you bring bottled drinking water; we ask clients to supply this but sometimes it does not happen. *Your job sheet which you'll need to have signed by the on site contact or a management rep. following the event as confirmation of your appearance. Once the signature is received you may also comment on the event. Please document any problems, concerns or mishaps that may have occurred since this serves as our official record of the event. We welcome constructive criticism! TMO would like to constantly improve it services to clients as well as performers- comments you make are valuable in shaping our future!

Am I too tall, too short, too wide, etc. to be a mascot?
The majority of mascot costumes fall into the 5'6" -5'8" and 150-170lb category however, characters do come in all shapes and sizes. We do have quite a few opportunities for people 5'-5'4" and we also see some into the 6' range. Some characters are skinny and others round. We encourage people regardless of height and weight to sign up- we'll contact you with opportunities that are just your size.

What qualifications do you look for in a mascot?
Reliability first and foremost. If you have a record of being on-time / early to events, you'll be called before someone who can break-dance in costume but inconsistently arrives as scheduled.
Professionalism next. Always be professional when IN and OUT of costume. Follow the rules and don't make inappropriate moves in costume. Be polite, kind, attentive, humble and understanding out of costume.
Credentials also. Past jobs successfully done, other mascots you have played or currently play for other teams, companies or organizations.
Performance-ability (purposely last). If you are a great performer but don't meet the 1st 3 qualifications, we can't use you at this time. When you've attained the above, expect many phone calls from us!

What resources do you offer to help one become a better mascot?
A channel to veteran mascots and suit specialty actors across the US. We're happy to put you in touch with someone in your local area who can show you the ropes and direct you to local opportunities for additional experience and training.
Educational resources- books and videos from costume manufactures & sports organizations. There are also extensive mascot training camps offered by veteran sports mascots. The camps are great opportunities to network with other mascots and learn about the business of sports mascots. If you cannot afford the camps, networking with your local sports mascot is still a good start. Bear in mind you will likely be expected to do quite a bit of volunteer work as you learn the ropes.

Do you offer opportunities to be a sports or touring mascot?
The majority of those opportunities are handled outside of our company either by a tour manager or an internal mascot coordinator for a team. We maintain working relationships with as many of those people as possible and help them out whenever possible. As such, we do inform our talent base of these opportunities when they arise.

What's the pay rate?
Depending on client needs your skill level and length of time you've been a part of TMO, the pay ranges from $12.50 per hour to $50 hour with the majority filling right in the middle of that range. When we contact you for an event we will discuss you pay rate for that event. Rates vary from client to client so they will do likewise from event to event.

What happens if I move?
You must fill out a new W-9 form and send it to us. If you are moving to another city or state, please call or drop us an email letting us know. We fulfill mascot needs in all 50 states so let us know you might actually find more work in another city. Don't forget to also send us an updated resume- our talent pool has lost out on great opportunities because they've changed their contact phone #'s without informing us.